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Birthdate:Jan 1

Personal Info
Full Name: Mail Jeevas
Aliases: Matt (Wammy's House alias), Mason Lockwood (pseudonym concocted to move through London undetected.)
Age: 19
Birthdate: February 1, 1990
General Physicality: A slim Caucasian young man of average height with brown hair and blue-black eyes. His hair partially covers his eyes much of the time, and he's relatively pale due to his aversion to the outdoors, and rather good looking. Perpetually smoking, and usually wearing a black and something striped shirt and goggles of some kind. Wears several kinds of jackets, but overall prefers a fur-lined tan suede jacket-vest. Always wears gloves, and generally covers as much skin as possible. Of late, can be seen wearing a rosary around his wrist at all times.
Occupation: Currently second behind Mello in charge of some underworld activities, as well as working with L to catch Kira.
Likes: Video games, technology, cigarettes, comics, literature, excitement and Mello.
Dislikes: The sun, the outdoors in general, too much socializing, work.
Relatives: Formerly parents, a sister (Faith) and brother (Park) - all deceased.
Sexuality: Bisexual with a leaning to girls over guys and a preference for Mello over everyone.
Religion: Nondenominational Christian.
Mello: Matt's alpha and omega, beginning and end. Best friend, leader, guide, lover, and his greatest influence. They've been friends since Matt latched onto him at 10 years old, find themselves well suited due to Mello's alpha personality and Matt's decidedly beta personality. Ultimately, Mello became the center of Matt's universe, providing him with motivation he otherwise lacked. Over time, Matt's platonic feelings for Mello grew to encompass physical attraction as well, although this went unnoticed by both of them. Once they left the House together, however, the extent of those feelings quickly became evident first to him, and then to Mello as well. Though their involvement began poorly and proceeded through a range of difficulties and obstacles (mostly related to Mello's religious beliefs), they have ultimately established a rather stable and overall healthy relationship.

Matt realizes that his devotion is not completely matched (although, close enough) and that his focus is not matched (or even nearly), but doesn't mind this at all. Instead, he appreciates Mello's wider vision and the colors and experiences it brings into Matt's own life, loving how Mello expands his horizons and pushes him to new levels and heights and brings him into universes he'd never think to look for, much less visit, on his own. It is for this, among other, reasons that Matt's loyalty to Mello is absolute. This is not to say that he lacks limits, but the limits on what he would do for an average person, or even another friend or associate, are not even on the same plane as the limits on what he would do for Mello. Matt has been known to occasionally resent Mello's behavior, and sometimes goes through passive-aggressive spells. He's also been known to prod Mello's jealous streak just for thrill and egotrip of knowing that he can, but even these things are different for him, considering his normally laid back, apathetic and emotionally disconnected approach to everything.

Matt is both aware of and enraptured by how completely Mello short-circuits his normal "programming."

Near: Matt doesn't really know or especially care about Near, but tends to be irked by him because Mello doesn't like him. Recently, he's become more irritated by Near than ever, as Mello and his relatively peaceful life has been interrupted by annoying Near annoying Mello which annoys Matt. All of that said, Matt is always a little bit jealous of Near because of the attention and emotion he can elicit from Mello.

L: Unlike most of Wammy's House, Matt has never been especially obsessed with L. He respects L, and obviously defers to him on any relevant matters, and has a healthy nervousness about crossing him, but despite being third in line for the succession, he really never takes it half as seriously as others. Since being drafted into the Kira case, he's had to take it a bit more seriously than he previously had done as he has been working somewhat directly with L, and has even had occasion to speak to him on the Misa issue.

Roger: Matt always had a rather good relationship with Roger, and occasionally acted as an informant of sorts, telling Roger when Mello was up to something especially egregious. He didn't do this out of a sense of responsibility however; generally it is because he feels it is beneficial to him (or Mello) in some way, for example he told Roger that Mello planned to leave, just because he didn't want to be left behind.

Kira: Matt doesn't care about Kira, nor does he pretend to care about Kira.

Misa: Some crazy girl that Matt recently had to watch. He thinks she's loud and stupid but hot, and finds it fun to bother her and see what happens. He also found she was pretty easy to manipulate by pushing her emotional buttons... which were pretty easy to find. One couldn't say he really likes her, but he does think that he might have liked her if they'd met under different circumstances.

Mello's criminal subordinates: A criminal organization once run by Jack Barton, whom Mello executed in order to take command of his people. They are also subordinate to Matt, who serves as Mello's second. Reporting directly to Mello and Matt is Sullivan, whose total refusal to get involved in Mello and Matt's personal drama has probably saved him a great many headaches. Matt has a generally agreeable relationship with all of them. However, his favorite (and in a sense his prodigy) is Nigel Webb, a brilliant young man with a dangerously curious mind, and absolutely no verbal filter.

Door: A fellow Wammy alum from the generation before his. Matt met Door through Mello's ambition and ended up flirting with her to divert her attention from his relationship with Mello. It worked for the most part, and a general flirtation ended up developing between them, for a while. However, while Matt was genuinely attracted to her, enjoyed her personality, and would have been comfortable getting involved with her under most circumstances, he avoided going beyond flirtation under the theory that it's a bad idea to get involved with colleagues. Later, they became friendly on a platonic level, although that was shaken when Matt became sexually involved with her brother, Ciaran, and later shared her true name (Damhnait) with Mello. Since then, they have not had many occasions to talk.

Ciaran: Door's younger brother, with whom Matt had a complicated series of two one night stands. They met during a periof of turmoil in Matt's relationship with Mello, and Matt was immediately attracted to Ciaran's Melloesque appearance. Initially, they planned to meet again, but Matt dropped out of Ciaran's life when Mello disapproved. Shortly thereafter, Mello sent Matt to investigate Ciaran, which involved a reestablishment of that relationship. When the investigation proved fruitless, Matt intended to continue seeing Ciaran, ultimately prompting Mello to finally commit himself to his relationship with Matt. As a result, Ciaran was once again forgotten. He has since learned what motivated his reunion with Matt, and the nature of Matt's relationship with Mello. Though hurt, Ciaran was somewhat comforted by the knowledge that Matt had been genuinely fond of him, and Door has claimed he will recover with enough ice cream.

Laptops, handheld consoles, anything electronic: Matt's second favorite thing in the world.
Notable Trivia
Lost his parents, kid brother and older sister in a car accident on his 10th birthday. He was the sole survivor of the collision. Wammy took notice of him due to his having won a number of technological and academic contests as well as having designed a robot featuring a high level of AI before his 10th year.

Has numerous light scars on his body from the accident, as well as a single more serious one cutting up the left side of his torso, where he was nearly gutted by the wreck.

Matt arrived at Wammy's House a year or so after Mello, and quickly (effortlessly, even) overtook the other children only to come to rest behind Mello as third in the House. Despite the potential for competition, a rivalry never developed between them due to Matt's apathy preventing him from caring about the succession that had consumed most of the orphans' lives.

Like every Wammykid, speaks several languages. In this case, English (first language), Japanese (learned so he could play untranslated video games), German (learned because it was Mello's native language), French and Mandarin. There may or may not be more. Currently working on Russian in his free time.

Suffers from a lack of initiative and motivation, and is generally a "follower" personality type, but that does not stop him from spouting off a lot of the time. However, he has no follow-through, mostly due to his apathy and generally laid back core personality.

Rather on the amoral side, which makes it easy for him to adjust to new situations that arise with, for example, MELLO.

An optimistic, friendly type of person when with people he's comfortable with. However, he is usually pretty asocial when left on his own, being more comfortable with machines than people.

Being quite physically attractive, has a great deal more luck with people than he's used to from Wammy's, where his looks didn't really make much of a difference to anyone. Initially he found this pretty uncomfortable, but now he's starting to get a little vain. But not vain enough to actually put any effort into upkeeping his looks.

Speaking of Wammy's, Matt was not terribly popular there, either, due to his effortless achievement of 3rd place and his asocial, unmotivated and noncompetitive personality, which didn't go over especially well in the environment at Wammy's. However, he did achieve a level of social acceptance due to his relationship with the popular Mello. In fact, as a result of his time at Wammy's, is genuinely weirded out by a number of things about the outside world. For example, he finds it odd that no one cares about his lack of ambition, or is angered or frustrated by his intelligence.

Originally from Australia, but has been in England for more than half of his life, such that his accent has become mixed.

Vaguely heliophobic.

Unfortunately prone to mirroring Mello's moods, just sort of by accident - gets bitchy when Mello's annoyed, dislikes whoever Mello dislikes. He's aware of this, and doesn't really care, particularly since he's too apathetic about most people and situations to bother forming a personal opinion anyway.

He can be a little obnoxious, being prone to provoking and prodding sensitive spots for fun. However, he is unlikely to say anything really offensive or damaging, at least on purpose.

Pretty damn lazy, and given to cutting corners on work.

While he is extremely intelligent, he can be both thoughtless and careless, and is generally far less methodical than either Near or Mello. He also has a very laid back work style, which can (and usually is) be perceived as unprofessional, and stands as a stark contrast to the professionalism of Near or Mello. Another difference is that, while those two are constantly "on," mentally, Matt tends to be a lazy thinker and only occasionally bothers to drag his brain into motion again.

Bored 90% of the time, and thus given to thrill-seeking behavior, which is one of the primary causes of his intense attraction to Mello, really.

Allergic to rules, and enjoys breaking them whenever possible.

Addicted to video games, cigarettes, computers, danger, just about anything electronic or geeky, and most of all, Mello (who he really does consider one of his vices).

Has developed a number of fetishes and preferences as a result of his relationship with Mello from the simple (generalized preference for petite-built blonds) to the more complicated or even heretical (enjoys rough sex and black leather, has a crucifix fetish).

Back at Wammy's, probably deemphasized his own competence in order to avoid being seen as competition by Mello.

Has virtually no temper at all, and is extremely difficult to anger. However, will definitely freak out at anyone who fucks with his toys.

Believes in God, but is very secular. This is occasionally a point of silent (and VERY occasionally not so silent) conflict with Mello, as Mello's Catholicism is frustrating and off-putting to him.

Indeed, for a time, had a rather grim opinion of Catholicism, as he perceived it (rightly) as the primary barrier between Mello and himself. However, since they have reached their current "understanding," he has begun to soften on it, and has even been overheard praying at Mello's candles on one extreme occasion. He also attended Midnight Mass on Christmas... voluntarily.

Does technical drawings/plans for technological doodads in his spare time, but rarely bothers to actually build them. A fact which has probably cost the world a number of badass inventions.

Is often mistaken for a nice person, when he is actually just laid back and apathetic to the point of perpetual agreeableness.

He can be a bit of a user, and incredibly insensitive with a tendency to discard people in a non-malicious but devastatingly thoughtless manner. Once they've served their purpose, they literally drop out of his mind. Suffers from a general lack of empathy.

Interests (39):

adrenaline adrenaline adrenaline!, anything exciting, blokes, cigarettes, comic books, computer viruses, computers, cute girls, definitely not catholicism, every shooter game ever, experience points, exploring options, final fantasy, firearms, firewalls, gaming, getting mello chocolate bars, girls, good books damnit, hacking, heliophobia, internet voyeurism, mello, modding consoles, networks, not being a perv, not being a successor, objection!, playing follow the mello, programming, score one for sinners, security, staying indoors, technology, technowizardry, thrill-seeking, trolling internet forums, video games, webcams
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